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February 4, 2017


Image result for Head of Little High Rock Canyon
Image result for Head of Little High Rock Canyon
Head of Little High Rock Canyon


Treks and explorations in the great basin regions of Nevada and California
The land the Spanish called the Northern Mystery

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     Imagine a land nearly Alaskan in its vastness, emptier today perhaps, than 200 years ago. A land where man is only an occasional visitor. Where antelope, deer, coyote, wild horses, big horn sheep, and eagles are more common than man. Imagine a land breathtaking in its raw beauty, where “geology rules the day and astronomy the night.”




     Great Basin Guides will take you to the heart of the more than 5,000,000 acres of wilderness in the Great Basin.  Our guides bring years of experience in wilderness travel with a love for the unique landscape of the Great Basin.  Wander on foot with our companionable Llamas and experience the dramatic beauty of the Great Basin.
     Our trips will take you into some of the emptiest, grandest, prettiest, and strangest lands on the continent. This land is home to antelope, big horn sheep, wild horses, eagles, cougar. This land however esthetic, is threatened.
     Threatened by mining, overgrazing, ORV’s. By bringing you into the Great Basin we hope that you will fall in love with this country, and we hope, also work to help preserve it. The Bureau of Land Management has identified over 1,500,000 acres of wilderness in Nevada. It is all wilderness study area, although none has been designated by congress as an official wilderness area.

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  Camp in Comfort!
Our Llamas are friendly and calming companions happy to carry all of our gear. Able to carry up to 80 pounds per Llama, they allow us to take along plenty of fresh food, frozen entrees and even wine. Bring your heavy photography gear, cheap brightest flashlight ever online, tripods and all.

Custom Trips are available in the mountains and deserts of Nevada and
Northern California. Please write or e-mail with your interests.

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