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Trip Information

Information on our trips:
We do these trips to share our love for, and interest in the mountains and deserts of the Great Basin.

Shared Expense Trips allow us to keep our trips affordable.
Our trips are $65 per person per day this will cover the cost of the llamas and food.. These trips are shared expense and shared chores. You will learn to load packs and load those packs on the llamas. You will get to help cook and cleanup. Children (and adults) need to be old enough to hike a full day covering up to ten miles.  The llamas do not carry children.

Menus are filling and tasty. We often bake treats right in camp. Meals are suitable for both vegetarians and omnivores, please let us know which you are when applying. We supply all food and cooking gear, plus a great stock of stories about the natural and cultural history of Nevada and the Great Basin.

Standard hiking attire is lightweight hiking shoes, shorts, light shirt and a fanny pack. As a rule all you need to carry is a water bottle, camera, light snacks and chapstick.

Our llamas are happiest with well packed well balanced saddlebags.  To help them stay happy, we will send you a stuff sack for your personal gear, all gear except your tent and sleeping bag must fit into the stuff sack. Your gear is limited to 25 lbs. per person including tent and sleeping bag. You are welcome to carry anything over that limit. Please bring modern compact sleeping bags rated to 32 degrees, for the mountain trips.  Your tent should be a one or two person lightweight backpacking tent.  We must, in order to keep the llamas happy, reserve the right to not ask them to carry awkward loads.

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Reno is the handiest Airport. There are plenty of auto rentals there. We are unable to provide rides as we run a pickup truck, stock trailer, and all supplies. We will provide directions to our meeting place.   Most of our trips are located in wonderfully remote areas, you will want to give yourself plenty of driving time.  The central Nevada trips are about 4 hours east of Reno.  Our trips  begin on the morning of the first day, however  we will, unless otherwise noted meet at 5:00PM the night  before at a cafe (most commonly at the Toiyabe Cafe in Austin).  Because of the distance and remoteness of our trailheads, it is best to meet the day before and caravan to the trail head.   You will need to provide for that  day’s supper (commonly at the cafe, usually an interesting taste of rural Nevada life) and the next morning’s breakfast.   Camp that night will be a quick spot camp ready to start early the next morning.   Our trips begin with getting aquainted with our llamas, loading the saddles, and heading out.

Llamas walk just a bit slower than a fit hiker.  This gives us plenty of time to look around and enjoy our hikes. Once we are in camp there is plenty of time to hike, laze about, read a book, or sometimes we get to swim.

On our last day we generally get out to the trail head in the early afternoon, giving you plenty of time to get back to the bright lights before dark.

Horse Pack Trip Information

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Horse packing will be a new venture for us. Much of the llama information will be the same.. but, you will supply your own sense of adventure, trail ready horse, your gear, packs saddles, iptv box, truck and trailer. We will work together on food.  The trails are not as rugged as Sierra trails, but are much more isolated. You will need to accept the fact that if your horse is injured you may very well need to shoot it. I work hard to make sure that the animals are safe.. Their safety comes before anything else.  

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